The Thirteenth Dimension

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The Thirteenth Dimension

Yes, you have arrived.  And no, this is not the homepage for Buttons the Lovably Endangered Koala.  This is the storehouse of buttons you can use to link to the Thirteenth Dimension.  Following is the technical manual.  Sorry, didn't mean to alarm you....

First, find the listing below for the page you want to link to.  There, you shall find The Page URL.  Then, pick the button you want to use to link to that page.  This is where you will find The Image Filename.  Clicking on the button takes you away from this page to the button's image file.  Save the file using whatever save command your browser provides, and place the file in the same directory as the web page that will display the button.  Then insert the following HTML code into that web page, using The Page URL and The Image Filename that you chose.

<FONT SIZE=-1><A HREF="The Page URL">
Adjust Your Tray Tables<BR>
<IMG SRC="The Image Filename" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=31 WIDTH=88>
<BR>We're Going Thirteen</A></FONT>

Of course, the provided HTML code is not written in stone.  Wittier and/or more appropriate tag lines may be used in place of the ones provided.  And if you know what you're doing, then I'm sure you'll be able to successfully place a button on your page with alternate HTML code.  But this I require of you - if you use one of these buttons, it must link back to the appropriate page over here in the Thirteenth Dimension.  So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Otherwise, get to work... I mean, enjoy!


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