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Cow Teachers
Can we learn from cows?
They are meek, quiet creatures.
But they love that grass!

The Thirteenth Dimension
When I was a kid
Mom read about purple cows.
So that explains that.

Some cow musicians
Prefer to play pink guitars
To match their udders.

Cows don't use their names
When they use online auctions
Because of farm rules.

The more cultured cows
Enjoy the shows on Broadway.
But that's a long walk.

When tipping a cow
Should it be fifteen percent?
Or is that not right?

Oh, look at that calf!
Isn't he just precious... WAIT!

I wish newspapers
Had more cow-related news
Like weather and sports.

When I'm hunting cows
All I need is a hammer
They're such easy prey.

If cows are so dumb
Why don't they have blooper shows?
That would be funny.

When cows play poker
What do they use for money?
I hope it's not chips!

When wrestling cattle
Save your nostril hold for last
Or otherwise... yuck!

Do cattle get sad?
Do they have an inner cow?
Do they give blue milk?

If cattle wore shoes
Maybe their hooves wouldn't stink.
I've seen where they walk.

Do cows get along
With other farm animals?
If they don't mind cud.

There are no cattle
That go by the name Fonzie.
They can't give thumbs up.

If superheroes
Are looking for good sidekicks
They should get a cow.

Cows don't get much flack
But they are not much safer
In the china shops.

You can always tell
When cows visit your web site.
They tell all their friends.


The Cow Rebuttal Incident

Cow Teachers Revisited
I have learned from cows.
They're not all meek and quiet,
Some are grumpy thugs.

  Without A Moo
Cows hunted me down
On my way to work one day.
I was more agile.

Why do cows escape
Their homey fenced-off pastures?
To go me-tipping.

  The State Of The World
We live in strange times.
Cow gangs terrorize people
While they walk to work!

If you're a doctor
Examining some big cows
Watch those rear leg kicks!

Incumbent mayors
Always lose cow elections
On the beef issue.

I wonder if cows
Are offended by Gateway
Using them for gain.

Cows as confidants
Are good at keeping secrets.
They just chew their cud.

Out-of-work cattle
Must have a hard way to go
Since they can't type fast.

Once I had a steer
And we sold it at the fair.
Then he was eaten.

I used to run track
But only against cattle
That were old and fat.

When following cows
You should really watch your step.
And man, what a smell!

I once heard this band
That claimed to play cowpunk rock
None of them were cows.

Cattle make me sad.
They have no superheroes
That fight farm evil.