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Do you ever wish that you could find an Internet-only monophonic radio show that features Christian modern rock and a guy who writes haiku? Sure, we all do! But did you really expect that you'd find that here? Don't answer that. Suffice it to say that it's here. You should hear how it all came to be - it's a whirlwind of a story that would rival the choicest of articles in Reader's Digest. Honest!

The current edition of The Voice is due south. Past editions, assuming I actually make more than one, are even souther than that. I highly recommend that you use a Real Media or Real Audio player to listen to this, especially since that's the only format that's available here. Accompanying each edition of the show is a Listener's Guide. It's got the set list, plus useful links and information for each of the bands featured in that edition. It's the greatest thing this side of something useful.

By the by, is that bleeding logo bugging you? I didn't mean to bug you. Rest assured, it's a Bible thing. That's why the guys on the computer club softball team call me Really Deep Man. That and the position I play in the field. You should see my double-play depth! It's totally awesome!

The Voice: The Premier Edition

"Listen to it, Paul. Listen to The Voice." (Lee Van Cleef, It Conquered The World)

The Voice Listener's Guide





The Miscellaneous

Bunker Pew

All Good Weeds Grow Up
available at CDnow

Gray Dot


I'm OK, You're OK

Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo
available at CDnow


Thee Spivies

Jupiter In My Rearview Mirror

Ready Or Not, Here We Come!
available at CDnow

Jackson Rubio

Scaterd Few

Win The Fisher

Grandmother's Spaceship
available at CDnow

Jackson Rubio

Poor Old Lu


Star Studded Super Step



From The Lion Within

The Latest And The Greatest
available at CDnow

Tooth & Nail

Bon Voyage


available at CDnow


Dale Thompson & The KY Cadillacs

Don't You Judge The Preacher

available at CDnow


Circle of Dust


available at CDnow

Flying Tart


Something About You

I Light Up Your Life

Flying Tart

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