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I Believe It Was Saint Thomas Aquinas Who First Said, "My Bad"


Omissions and Corrections and Imaginations

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Ramalamadingdong who lived in a glass house beside a wonderful waterfall and a high-rise condomenium. Princess Ramalamadingdong told us a magnificent story, and we printed it without checking all of our facts. And as the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you shouldn't believe everything you hear in glass houses." As a result, we published some stuff that was way off. We apologize. We're terribly, terribly sorry. We were young and needed the money.

For starters, there are no capers in a Catalina Caper Pudding. Chocolate drops are used to add zest to the mix, and we thought they looked like capers. Of course, adding capers to pudding would be really yucky. Our apologies for this error.

We would also like to point out that the Star of Bethlehem is not a pinata. This should have been made more clear, and we regret not doing so.

We reported that a group of gals from Constantinople were seen throwing stones. Clearly this was in error, due to the fact that Constantinople in now known as Istanbul. It's been a long time gone, Constantinople. People obviously like it better that way, therefore we should have named it more accurately. Our apologies.

We made reference to Richard Pryor as an original cast member of the Broadway musical "Oklahoma!". To our knowledge, Pryor has never even been to Oklahoma or seen anything made by either Rodgers or Hammerstein. We were probably thinking of Howard da Silva at the time, but the only name that came to mind was Richard Pryor. We had just seen "Stir Crazy" on cable the night before, so we were just as likely to come up with Gene Wilder, most likely. In his own words, "That's right, we bad."

Finally, we would like to retract our statement that "The West was won with radiant, glamorous hair". It has come to our attention that this is not how the West was won, per se. We do not have at hand even a crude overview of how the West was in fact won, therefore we hope it will suffice to say that this was printed in error. Sorry about that.


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